When loading the player becomes slow….

MusiCHI uses a database server server, Firebird. As we do pretty complex searches some track references are stored and deleted in a hidden table. Like 99.99% of databases the deleted records are not physically deleted (removed from the library), they are only marked “deleted” not to be shown. As time goes by, the size of your library increases and the loading time suffers. So it is a good practice to “compact’ the library from time to time. Compacting does write a copy of the library, eliminating the “deleted” records. So it is slim and fast loading.

To accomplish that:
In the library manager: Music tab>Compact library or Tools tab>Compact library or Main menu>File>Compact library.
In the player: Main menu>File>Compact library. You can perform this operation and still listen to you music, only you cannot perform any searches while doing so.

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