Version 3.7.02 features list

IMPORTANT NOTE : To create of a third custom tag that can be viewed in the selection panes, we had to change the libraries database structure, therefore the previous format will NOT be compatible with this version, this implies that libraries must be re-created and the music files re-scanned.

We made a small applet that will convert your libraries to the new format, so you do not have to delete them. However, if you have previously used the Custom 3 field you will have to re-scan your music, otherwise you can proceed as usual. To download it click here. 


  1. To improve access all the Random Play options, a separate item has been added to the main menu (Random play).
  2. The number of custom tags to be used in the selection panes has been increased to three (see above note).
    As the Tagger now supports tag writing of individual element of a composition (see below), this enables you to filter by e.g. Opus, Year, Key. To learn more about that, please read the relevant article on our blog, click here:
    and to actually make it happen see out page “How-to”
  3. In the column “Album Artist”, one can filter on the roles, showing for example only the piano soloist and/or the conductors. To see how it works click here.FilterRoles
  4. We opened the architecture: if you rather prefer to actually listen to your music with the foobar player, for sonic preference or to be able to use the Jplay driver. We send our playing queue to foobar automatically, so you can use our player just as a front-end database to select the tracks. Incidentally, this solves the problem of gap-less playing.
  5. If you copy your library to a laptop with a smaller screen, the bottom splitter may be hidden, you can recover it by going to Main menu > View > Increase track panel height.

Tagger & Ripper

  1. The user interface of MusiCHI Clean has been completely re-done and vastly improved. Now, you can control, in much a more flexible way what goes in your metadata. Also the search results status will be indicated with some icons for all search topics (Composers, Compositions and Performers aka Album artists); moreover the inclusion of multiple roles is also now supported (for ex. both Piano & Conductor). To see some screen shots, click here.
  2. Any part of a composition (for example Opus or Tonality) returned by MusiCHI Clean can be written straight back into a custom field, we mentioned it previously but here is how it works, click here.
  3. One can modify the font size on the “text processing utility” as well.
  4. Two new toolbar buttons to speed up adding the “Composer” and “Album artist” to the front and back of the “Composition” field.



We added the same modification of the font size than in the Tagger.

MusiCHI Clean
Baroque extravaganza! Catalogs of the following composers have been added:

Corelli, Arcangelo (1653-1713)
Locatelli, Pietro Antonio (1695-1764)
Geminiani, Francesco (1687-1762)
Tartini, Giuseppe (1692-1770)
Purcell, Henry (1659-1695)
Telemann, Georg Philipp (1681-1767)
Buxtehude, Dieterich (1637-1707)
Scarlatti, Domenico (1685-1757)
Boccherini, Luigi (1743-1805)