Installation issues

Running the setup program as an Administrator
It applies to all setup programs but it is easy to forget….

Stating the obvious: enter the proper registration information…

The serial number is computed from the user name, email and version, that you wrote in the payment or trial form. It is case sensitive, and does not like diacritical letters and blank spaces. So make sure to cut and paste exactly these 3 fields, 2 of which you submitted yourself; which does not seem that complicated, if it appears to be a challenge, stay away from computer audio (it has the word computer in it).

But the most common reason is….

A PC means, personal computer, so we assume that you are the user and you have administrator rights on your account to manage your machine the way you see fit. Why is it crucial? When you install MusiCHI, the setup program will copy some files that MusiCHI needs to operate properly, in the C:\Users\<Me the user>\AppData\Roaming\MusiCHI (we assume windows 7 here), “Me the user” being who ever is connected during the installation. And to install a program, one has to have administrator privileges; if it is your computer, you better have these rights (in spite of what some less than enlighted pseudo pundits, write at times in some silly blogs).
Later, if you are connected as “Me ANOTHER user” and run the MusiCHI library manager or player, these applications will look for information in C:\Users\<Me ANOTHER user>\AppData\Roaming\MusiCHI but it is not there because it was copied in another folder during installation (the C:\Users\<Me the user>\AppData\Roaming\MusiCHI). Then you will get an error message such as: “access violation at address 008853C3 in module ‘MusiCHILib.exe’. Read of address 00000060.”
What to do in this case? UN-install MusiCHI, grant the user who is going to use it, administrator rights, log as this user, install again; something you can do now because you have been granted these rights. Now if you feel uncomfortable having this user be an “admin” forever, you can now bump down that account to lower privileges. If you have only one PC for entertainment, and you share it with the “whole family”, then you do not want the “whole family” to be an administrator, kids are very creative these days… But IMHO that would be the only reason to have this setup.

Another possible issue: Firebird, the database server

Musichi uses an open source database engine with very small footprint to manage the libraries, which are truly database files (MUSICHI*.FDB i.e. Firebird DataBase) where the metadata is read and indexed. For the libraries to be read, you have to connect to them, which implies that Firebird has to be running. The best option is to setup as a windows service, which is what we try to achieve during installation, so you do not have to deal with this. A service,  simply means that when you open your computer, Windows does start Firebird automatically. One easy way to check that is to open the control panel.

FB1And Clicking on it, you should see something like that:

Fb2If not, try to install it again. you can download it here
then run the setup file, as an admistrator, answering “Yes” or “Ok” to all questions. Windows 8, 81, 10 seems sometimes, depending on your setup, to refuse to install it properly.

2 thoughts on “Installation issues

  1. I disagree with the comments about running as an admin user. I come from a Unix background and best practice there is widely accepted to be that you work as an ordinary user and only elevate to admin (root) privs when specifically needed. These days, apart from anything else, there is so much malware around. Even the most alert user could accidentally run something but, if it starts under a normal user, it makes it harder for it to do as much damage as it could via an admin user.

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