Random programs in the MusiCHI player

Besides offering the most powerful and flexible searches of any players, the MusiCHI player also has a few ways to produce random programs, some of which were actually proposed by some users and because we try to make our users happy, we implemented them.

List of searches/filters

Structured searches: Clicking the columns in whatever cascading order you may choose.
Unstructured searches: Trying to match the search criteria (words or phrase) against all the content of the library, a bit like a web search engine, and be able to refine a sub-search with that filter on.
Various additional filters: Such as by star rating or the last X number of albums added to the library; and be able to refine a sub-search with that filter on, as well.
Cover view: Sorting the album covers on any combination of metadata fields. See picture below.
Grid snapshot: One can save and retrieve as many particular set of columns order and selection that one wants, for example Bach, Js > Solo piano > High definition recordings with the performer column last and the BWV catalog before last. A time saving feature, if one uses some listening sub-set quite often. The icon is circled in orange in the picture below.

Zones of the player

Grid view


Cover view


Before we get into the heart of the topic, let’s describe again the 3 main zones of the player in the default view (grid view), it should help to clarify the following text.

1)  The right panel: the playing queue.
2) The top center/left panel: which show all the grids columns, the last one being fixed (Albums or Compositions). The logic behind… you search according to various criteria to ultimately select a set of albums or (recorded) compositions, you can go at the song/movement level after this if need be.
3) The lower center/left panel, where individual tracks are listed, function of the selection in the above panel.

Corresponding random action in these respective zones

1) The content of playing queue can be randomized according many criteria: tracks, albums and unique to MusiCHI compositions. One example of utilization, the user has selected the last 20 classical CDs acquired, to add more variety in his musical program, he can then randomize the list by compositions. Another, I want to send all my Franky (Sinatra who else) albums to the queue, but I will randomize by tracks (aka songs). The icon is circled in red in the above picture.

2) Here for these randomizations, you have the option to clear the playing queue (i.e. a new program) or to add at the end of it, which in practice allows you to repeat the operation more than once and continue to add music till you think you have enough playing time. Moreover this functionality will behave slightly differently if the last column is either Albums or Compositions.
If one right-click the selection grid panel (upper center/left), in the “Random program”, you discover sub-menu which offer two types of random pick.
A program (5 albums or 20 compositions) or just one (album or composition). Example of use, I am into a sunny Sunday breakfast mood, I select Baroque concertos and I get a selection of 20 pieces from that set, I can repeat and add 40, 60 etc. Another case, I have all the Frank Zappa albums (about 75) and I will pick 5 of them randomly. The just one is self-explanatory.

3) If one right-click the “Track” panel (lower center/left), the last option of the context menu “Random tracks” will erase the playing queue and send 100 tracks, selected randomly, from that table. Example of use, I select as a genre “Blues” and I get a sample of 100 Blues songs to be played.


With a well tagged large collection of digital music, you have total control over the selection your musical program or you can have MusiCHI pick the program for you, nearly like a streaming service……..