Daylight saving time and libraries

Among the tools present in the MusiCHI library manager, the one used most frequently is the synchronization between the file system and the libraries (or should be).


For example, if you delete a CD, or rename the folder where it resides, or even simply edit the audio files’ metadata in the tagger, you want to use this tool. In the last case, the time stamp of the file will be modified (Windows will store the date/time of editing).  When a user refreshes a CD in a library, the date and time of this action is recorded as well inside the lib. By comparing these two time-stamps, well, if the file’s modified date and time is more recent than the one existing in the library, this CD has to be re-scanned, because the meta-data has been changed, and what is displayed in the player may not be accurate, nor current.

When the daylight saving time changes, adding one hour (subtracting has no effect), Windows adds also one hour to all files’ time-stamp. Consequently if you invoke the synchronization feature the “day after”, you will be amazed to see that pretty much all your library has to be refreshed! No big deal if your library is small enough, on a huge one, it could take many hours.


For this once a year event, we have a little procedure, that will add one hour to the time-stamps inside the library, mimicking Windows file system’s changes. Hence, only the truly modified will be flagged.