A magical device to improve your DAC

If you have a DAC connected to your computer via USB, there is an industrial device that improves the sound quality  tremendously: The Intona high speed isolator, http://intona.eu/en/products.

One of the problem of the USB connection is that, besides the music, it carries all kind of noises (i.e. jitter). This little device was designed to clean the USB stream for industrial purpose, to allow among other things very fine measurements. Although it was not designed for audio, it gives amazing improvements in the music quality.

The good news is unlike some audiophile products:
– It really accomplishes what it claims
– The price is reasonable (200/300 Euros)
– No need to buy another too expensive USB cable between the PC and the Intona. But from the Intona to the DAC, do use the best USB cable you have.

BTW the Intona staff is very helpful as well.

Note: This device does not have a separate power supply, so it does not always work with DACs that are powered by the USB only.

I do not have commercial ties with this company, I just want MusiCHI users to know about it, so they can enjoy a better musical experience. It is not that often that one can find a device that does so much and does not carry the usual audiophile ridiculous price tag.

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