MusiCHI new version 5.1.00: Can you play this from memory?

Major feature, Memory playback

The audio quality improvement is very noticeable and it sounds amazing. The file is loaded entirely in memory first and then is played from RAM, so no electric noise pollution from the reading of the disk nor another process (the reading of the disk) competing with the process of playing. To enable Main menu > Settings > Audio > Memory playback

Hiding the mini player

Some users wanted the ability to have the player to behave like a normal windows application when minimized, to collapse to the bottom task bar, without showing the mini player. Best of both world, it is very easy to switch between modes. Main menu > Settings , check or un-check hide mini player.

Play list enhancements

  1. You can add the content of selected tracks in the playing queue to an existing playlist. Why is it useful? if you had created a playlist “My favorite arias” and you are listening to an opera, if you really like a few tracks, just select them, 2nd option “Add to a play list” after clicking the playlist toolbar button.  So you can grow your play list over time with minimum efforts.
  2. Some audio optimizer do disable the drag and drop feature of windows, preventing to add music from the windows explorer into the playing queue with the mouse. Tracks can be added using the 6th option “Pick tracks to add to playing queue” after clicking the playlist toolbar button.


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