MusiCHI new version 5.0.20: Views and generic support for external players

What are “views”?

With this version you can save and retrieve cascading order of the columns with optionally a filter on it. An example will make obvious why it is a nice feature. First here is a screenshot of my most used columns arrangement for the MusiCHI player [aka the Default].


Let’s assume I want to have every week-end a breakfast with baroque oboe concertos as a musical background. To make the best selection I would have to move my columns around this way (this picture) and then decide on the composer(s) I want for the event (Note that I switched to composition view).


I can save this view by clicking the monitor icon, pick “Save current view” and fill up a short description, so next week-end I can get to my favorite breakfast selection right away.


And because, I did the same for my default screen I can get back to it in 3 clicks. The monitor icon, “Recover view”, select item I want by moving the bar on the list [NOT the check box, see below] and click “Select”.


Needless to say, you can save as many columns arrangement as you want: Being a J.S Bach piano fan, I have this as a saved view.

To delete unused views, then check the line you want out and and click “Delete”.
You can also see the available views if you click on the “Saved views” button before saving a new one.

External players

Before we did support only foobar, now you can pretty much use any players you want as long as they can load a playlist upon opening.

One thought on “MusiCHI new version 5.0.20: Views and generic support for external players

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