MusiCHI new version 5.0.01: The best got prettier



We added a skinning engine to the player and added thumbnails to the the playing queue. There are 20 skins available, sure you will find your favorite…Light or dark.



Also some new icons, to toggle between Compositions/Album views and Tabular/Cover views.


Now the player has a great look and is faster to navigate.

Tagger, Ripper & Library manager

To make it “smaller screens friendly”, we added some scroll boxes in the manual edit forms and the text processor form, so if the form needs to be re-sized, you can still visit any area of the display.
In the library manager (Tool tab) you can reconcile you composers and performers data with our MusiCHI Clean reference database, useful for checking work in progress or past mistakes.


This upgrade is easy, there is no need to re-do the libraries, just install over the existing version, hence do not hesitate to do it.