MusiCHI new version 4.5.25

The main event here is the enormous work that has been done on the MusiCHI Clean reference database. Now we have the complete catalog of compositions of the 125 most popular composers (about 26,000 compositions), and many performers have been added as well, now counting over 10,000. The MusiCHI tagger and ripper have been modified to improve the searches.

The other improvement: now the sorting on all columns (for example composers, performers, etc) is not case and diacritical sensitive, so names will be sorted most conveniently. A picture worth a 1000 words, notice d’Anglebert is just after D’Albert, and Döhler just before Dohnányi. Noname The same work has been done on the FTS searches (Full Text Searches), if you for example search for “etudes” you will filter all tracks that have Études, Etudes, études or etudes somewhere. Noname2IMPORTANT: To take advantage of these sorting features, though you will have to scrap your old libraries (the MUSICHI*.FDB) and their corresponding FTS files (the MUSICHI*.db3), create new ones and re-scan your music. If you do not want to bother, the application will still work but you will have the old sorting method. If you want only the FTS feature then, it is painless, just delete the old MUSICHI*.db3 files, located in the same folder as the library with the same name, and they will regenerate themselves in a few seconds, once you open the player and connect to the corresponding library.