MusiCHI new version 4.5.01

Mainly an update of the DB server and libraries allowing for tags of greater length; for example now Artist is 400 letters long, Instrument 800, Album artists 2000.

Detailed list of new features:
a) Update the Firebird database server from version 2.1 to 2.5. It had to be done because version 2.1 was getting too old and phased out..
b) Thanks to this Firebird upgrade, the fields sizes could been increased considerably, so no more truncation of metadata any longer.
c) In the library manager, you can download to a text file the list of your albums.
d) If a column is too narrow to display the full text, it is shown on hint over it.

Important steps required!
1) The manual removal of the old Firebird server program.
a) Go to the control panel, locate “Programs and Features” or type “add or remove” in the “Search programs and files” after clicking the start menu button (if you still have one). Find Firebird 2.1.etc and uninstall it. You may say “Yes” when it asks to remove common components.
b) Like most windows programs, not all files are removed, when a program is uninstalled. So we have to do it manually. In the file explorer, go to the folder C:\Program Files (x86), if you are running Windows 64 or to C:\Program Files, if you are running Windows 32. Locate the “Firebird” sub-folder and delete it. We are done. The new server is included in the new setup files
2) the old libraries structure is not compatible with the new server, so they have to be deleted as well as their corresponding *.db3 files. Example, if you have a MUSICHICLASSIC.FDB and next to it MUSICHICLASSIC.db3 delete them both. The same would apply to MUSICHIJAZZ, MUSICHIPOP etc.
3) Create new libraries and scan your music again.

If you want to continue to receive the updates for MusiCHI Clean with new composers, performers and composition catalog, please you have to update because the new reference files have a different format too. Hence the users that purchased the Tagger only should update as well.

2 thoughts on “MusiCHI new version 4.5.01

  1. Do you all offer access to your database alone? I assume it works something like CDDB? Can you give an example of the tags it would write for say, an aria from an opera so I have an example of the detail it’s capable of?

  2. We are creating a service but at first it will be for business to business use, be do not go at the movement level just the composition.
    you cannot assume that here is a a one to one mapping between track and movements, some arias are bundled with a recitative or some other no. Another example Liszt’s piano sonata is packaged in one single track or many movements.
    Example of a composition by J.S. Bach:
    Harpsichord & Strings Concerto No. 1 BWV 1052 in D minor

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