Version 4.0: The player becomes more graphical and gets a search engine

Across the Suite

Better integration among the modules of the suite, the ripper and tagger can add or update new tracks to a library in a transparent way (no more calls to the library manger) and we use the same incremental update method as in the player, hence that task is accomplished much faster.

The Player

That is where the bulk of the improvements take place:
1) A search engine both in text view and artwork view
  “Google” type queries are possible now. Here I just typed “renaissance sm” and I got all albums where both words are present in any tags; I found mostly my high definition files (studio masters i.e. SM).play4Without leaving this screen, I typed a new search, this time “bach johann sm” and I got all my studio masters by papa Bach. Note that the search is not case sensitive and the words do not have to be complete (ex beeth harnon, would give me all albums or compositions by Ludwig van and Harnoncourt).

play2Of course the same applies to text view:

play52) All tool bars are part of the main screen
So, they are always visible even in artwork view or when the playing queue is closed as you can see below. As a consequence, we could make the playing queue more narrow which is more suitable for laptops or lower resolution screens.

play3Moreover the tool bars are dock-able/floating, so you can position them where you see fit, here a view with the tool bars floating away from the player screen.

play13) Conclusion on the FTS (Full Text Searches)
When you know what you want to listen to, or the spelling your tags is not consistent (ex. you have Maria Callas or Callas, Maria or La Callas) this is a faster and/or more accurate way to find your music. However when you want to “discover” what is inside your lib, step by step, the structured search in text view is superior. As I was told “why not offer both?”, that is done now…

The Ripper

The ripping tag has a revamped interface, which improves the organization of the options. As mentioned previously, adding the newly created tracks to the library is faster and easier.
rip1rip2The Tagger

Simplified add/update to the library, also as mentioned previously much faster procedure.tagger1